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No Silver Raven

Crimson Screams on a Sepia Backdrop

That One Chick
10 July
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You have a Creative Soul! You are most likely an
interesting, intelligent, kind, loving,
imaginative, creative, funny, and adventurous
person! You love to make up stories in your
head, and enjoy writing poems, songs, dancing,
singing, or drawing. You are a wonderful person
to be around because with your creativity
nothing's ever boring!

What type of soul do you posses? (beautiful anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

A Statue Stands in a Shaded Place
An Angel Girl With an Upturned Face
A Name is Written in the Polished Rock
A Broken Heart that the World Forgot
Through the Wind
And the Rain
She Stands Hard as a Stone
In a World that She Can't Rise Above
But her Dreams Give her Wings
And She Flies to a Place
Where She's Loved...
Concrete Angel
-Martina McBride

You're you. Whatever anyone else says. You're yourself and you're incrediable. And I'll always be there cheering for you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are, I think you're beautiful. Thanks for captivating me.

-R.I.P. Sukari
I wish I had thought to tell you that before it was to late.